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Boonah Airfield Management

Boonah Airfield Management

Boonah Airfield is land held by the Scenic Rim Regional Council designated for community purposes.


It is surrounded by several land parcels owned or leased by people or clubs with a direct interest in the ongoing management of the airfield. These stakeholders meet regularly as the Boonah Airfield Coordinating Committee. These meetings are facilitated by Boonah Aviation Inc. to ensure the needs of the various stakeholders are met.

Boonah Aviation Inc. is an Incorporated Association governed under the provisions of Queensland’s Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The prime object of the association is “to promote and foster aviation activities within the Scenic Rim Region”.

Please see below for our Fly-Neighbourly Map and our Safety Management Plan.

Boonah Airfield Management

Boonah Fly-Neighbourly Map

Boonah Airfield Fly Neighbourly Map

Safety Management Plan

Boonah Airfield

Home to Aviation in the Scenic Rim


Postal Address:

PO Box 385

Boonah  Qld  4310


Phone:  1800 512 487


Degen Road, Dugandan,

Queensland  4310

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