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Boonah Airfield Newsletter 4/2023

Hello everyone and welcome to the Boonah Airfield Newsletter number 4 for the year.

Your BAI management committee has been working hard to address issues highlighted in the Operational Risk Review to ensure that our operations at the airfield are as safe as practicable.

Grant applications have also been submitted for various projects which will help keep the costs down for the airfield users.

We have also been making very positive in-roads to the upcoming lease renewal with the council.

As always, Matt and his team of airfield maintenance volunteers have been working hard to make sure the airfield is ready to be used by the water bombers for the upcoming bushfire season. The airfield is the best that it has looked, coming out of a winter dry spell, for a long time. Thanks all.

In this edition

  • The Scenic Rim Regional Council visits Boonah Airfield

  • Grant Application to Replace Fencing

  • New Safety Signs Around The Airfield

  • New additions to the Boonah Airfield Website


Can you name this aircraft?

  • Made in Germany.

  • Has two side by side seats.

  • It has a 25m wingspan.

  • Power plant is a Rotax 914 turbo.

  • A glide ratio of 53:1.

  • A maximum take-off weight of 900kg.

  • It's a motor glider.

The answer is at the end of the newsletter...

The Scenic Rim Regional Council visits Boonah Airfield

BAI recently invited the Scenic Rim Regional Council (SRRC) Councillors and Council Officers to visit Boonah Airfield, to help them get an appreciation of all the benefits that flow on to the local and wider communities of Boonah and the Scenic Rim Region.

Two visits were organised, firstly a visit and meeting with David Keenan, Chief Executive Officer; Christopher Gray, General Manager Asset & Environmental Sustainability and Justin Sinnamon, Principal Specialist Property Management.

The second visit and meeting was with Mayor Greg Christensen, Deputy Mayor Jeff McConnell, Councillor Amanda Hay and Councillor Marshall Chalk.

During the visit the Councillors were given a presentation and a tour of the airfield allowing the various airfield users to meet with them. Below are some of the topics that were discussed.

  • Boonah Airfield history.

  • The current airfield users and uses.

  • That the airfield operates at no cost to the SRRC or the rate-payers.

  • Community benefits of the airfield such as the air ambulance, QFES water bombers, employment of locals, financial benefit to the local businesses, aviation leisure activities etc.

  • Lease area boundaries.

  • Sub-leased areas.

  • Infrastructure on the leased/sub-leased areas.

  • Infrastructure on private land.

  • Current BAI management committee.

  • What BAI is responsible for.

  • Why the airfield should remain a SRRC community asset.

  • Current lease tenure and the requirement for a long term lease.

  • The Tonkin Operational Risk review.

  • CASA Certified and Uncertified airfield standards

  • CASA  Aircraft Landing Area (ALA) Guidelines/Standards.

  • Current safety standards at the airfield.

The councillors and officers were very interested in what occurs at the airfield and were impressed with all the activities that take place there. They were very interested in understanding both the tangible and intangible community benefits to Boonah and the wider Scenic Rim Region.

Overall these were very positive meetings allowing BAI and SRRC to open up constructive dialogue with respect to the upcoming airfield lease renewal. With respect to the lease renewal, BAI's goal is to negotiate for positive outcomes in the best interests of all airfield users and the local community, ensuring that the airfield continues to be a valuable asset for the Scenic Rim Region.

Sincere thanks must go to Councillor Marshall Chalk who has helped us navigate the complex process of renewing the lease and for also arranging the two meetings.


Grant application to replace fencing

BAI has submitted a grant application to the SRRC to replace the dilapidated fencing and gate at the end of Harm St and a portion of the fencing along the eastern boundary of the airfield.


New safety signs around the Airfield

Matt and his team of airfield maintenance volunteers are in the process of adding/replacing the safety/warning signs around the airfield.


New additions to the Boonah Airfield Website 

Jeremy has been working hard updating the website. You will now see an airfield management tab where you will find the new Fly Neighbourly Plan, developed by Bill Finlen and Stephen Blackie in response to feedback from some of our neighbours. 

You will also see the new Boonah Airfield Safety Management System developed by Jeremy. 

Please take the time to review these documents.


The Quiz Answer

Stemme S12 Touring Motor Glider 

Currently at Boonah (and for sale if you're interested?)

The BAI Management Committee

President: Melanie Perkins

Vice President: Kathy Baburin

Secretary: Jeremy Thompson

Treasurer: Deb Burgess

Airfield Reporting Officer: Matt Edwards

Thanks for reading this edition of the Boonah Airfield Newsletter!


Boonah Airfield

Home to Aviation in the Scenic Rim


Postal Address:

PO Box 385

Boonah  Qld  4310


Phone:  1800 512 487


Degen Road, Dugandan,

Queensland  4310

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